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We need you to get kids in your area interested in science! KAST 2.0 is our campaign to spread our KAST Interactive Science Sessions to other schools throughout the nation, so that elementary school kids not within our region can benefit from our programs too. The KAST science sessions are flexible, low cost, and can […]

Teacher Resources

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The developers at KAST Inc. have been working hard on a new project! All the session plans for our interactive science programs will soon be available online, with visual aides and demos. With these guides, you too can use these learning aides at home and in the classroom. The following session plans are available as […]


Why should you donate to KAST?
  • Our science sessions benefit students in elementary schools. Most of your donations go toward buying materials to make our activities engaging and fun.
  • We are expanding our programs to over 14 other elementary schools. If you’ve seen or heard about one of our sessions in action, you know about our dedication to our student participants.
  • All KAST team members are high-school SSL employees; we don’t earn any money from (and are supporters of) this program.
  • Within a few weeks, we will provide you with a detailed report of how specifically your contribution helped elementary school kids.

All donations are deeply appreciated. Thank you for your support of science education!

Sample Session Plans

  • Beginning Chemistry

    Did you know that everything in our world is made up of less than 200 different types of basic elements? Do you know the difference between a mixture and a solution? What about between atoms and molecules? Learn about elements, molecules, and the periodic table.  Explore these concepts through making a simulation mixture, and then […]

  • Student shows resultant unspotted "ss" frog

    Genetics and DNA

    Genetics is the study of how organisms’ traits are determined and passed on. A gene is a piece of information made up of chemicals called DNA. You can think of DNA as a type of code, a deoxyribose sugar and phosphate structure that supports chemicals represented by the letters A, C, G, and T. In […]

  • Cell Model I

    The Cell

    A cell is the most basic unit of life, and all living things are made of them. A cell has many organelles, things which work together to maintain the functions of the cell. In this session plan, learn about what the basic parts of cells do, how they make up organisms, and how one of […]

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    Acids and Bases

    The Acids and Bases KAST pilot session was highly successful. Students at Bealle Elementary learned about what makes vinegar sour and why dish soap can remove oil from dirty dishes. Students then used litmus paper indicator to test a variety of acids and bases, and concluded the session by building – and erupting – an […]

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    Geodesic Dome

    Fifteen kids and some KAST team members engineered one of the most stable known structures used in modern day homes! The geodesic dome below was built with in only 45 minutes with about 225 sheets of rolled newspapers and a lot of tape. Unfortunately this contraption lasted only a few minutes before being torn apart by eager […]

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